Import data to dotplot designer

dotplot designer is a new statistical cloud analytic tool based on R which not only offers visualization to common R functions, but also provides a huge repository of ready made functions for different statistical tasks.

Although dotplot is working on improving the usability of their products, it is not very obvious on how to import your own data for inexperienced users.

To learn how to import your own data, there is a new tutorial video:

Note that the import wizard works in a similar manner for Excel, SPSS or WEKA’s arff files.

Remember that their is a basic distinction between your local file system and the cloud file system of dotplot. All files you want to use within dotplot designer need to be uploaded to the cloud first. Also, files generated by dotplot are stored in the cloud as well, but can be downloaded to your local file system.

Once your data is imported, you can used it with any function provided in the function tree.

Hint: Try getting started with the Summary function of group ‘Exploration‘ to get a quick overview of your data. A well rendered output can be seen by double clicking its ‘Report’ output node.


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